Tuesday, February 3, 2009

1st and 15th Memory Verse

Still taking time out on some internet stuff such as blogging to seek the Lord. I still have so far to go...I am so easily distracted. In Jan. I began participating in the 1st and 15th memorize scripture and I choose Proverbs 4:4
"He taugth me also, and said unto me, Let thine heart retain my words: keep my commandments and live."
Notice He said heart and not mind. I listened to Carter Conlon's sermon this evening and he taught on how with all of Solomon's wisdom he did not have the heart to apply God's word to his life. The link to this sermon is in the previous post.
It is not sufficient for us to know God's word we need to have the heart for His word. We need to desire His word. To Love His Word. We aught to love and delight to do God's will. I am seeing in my own life how often I have put God aside for the things of this world. How easily I am distracted is evidence of that...yet knowing that something is wrong, even acknowledging something is wrong is worthless if you don't repent and change of that wrong. I remember my "first love"...I couldn't get enough of Jesus - I was excited when I read His Word..His Word was so alive...I loved to pray and worship Him..focus solely on Him...I loved fellowshipping with other belivers, I loved telling others about Him. Not sure what happened...but there came a dullness, a dry season that became one very long season...
It is good to be wise and it is good to retain God's word in your mind...but if it doesn't enter your heart...if His word doesn't rule and reign in your heart...there is no life in it...

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Edie said...

Hi Debrah! We all get like that. I was telling my friend last night that I want to have that kind of hunger again. The thing is, I found that after spending some time with a freind talking about the Lord and the things He has been doing in our lives, I am feeling renewed and refreshed and more focused on Him again. We both realized that it helped us a lot to get together and dwell on Him and His word.

Thanks for paying that quick visit today. :)