Friday, March 2, 2012

Rick Santorum-Priority 1- Repeal Obamacare

The Blunt amendment failed to get passed in the Senate.  The Blunt Amendment would protect the conscience rights of those who purchase insurance.  This amendment is needed because of President Obama's mandate that all employers must purchase health insurance plans that provides coverage that includes abortion inducing drugs. This is about religious freedom which  according to our constitution is to be protected.  Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum has fought and will continue to fight for the freedoms we are guaranteed by our constitution.  He has sponsored and co-sponsored: The Workplace Religious Freedom Act, Abortion Non-Discrimination Act and Health Care Entity Protection Act while he served in Congress.     Santorum stands with the founders of our country and their respect toward religious freedom. Read more here Mr. President, Talk is Cheap Rick Santorum will honor the rights endowed to us by our creator as stated in our constitution and he has said that he will repeal Obamacare --Repeal & Replace.  Please help Rick Santorum win the GOP nomination & volunteer at .

This Just In: Mitt Romney Urged Obama to Follow His Example & Mandate Health Care.  Read More on The Catholic Bandita

Monday, February 27, 2012

Our First Sign Wave

We made our signs and the day arrived that it was time to wave them.   Saturday February 25th was a very, very windy day in Shirley, N.Y.   I've never participated in a sign wave before & was a little nervous.  We did the sign wave for about 30 minutes (it was very cold & windy).  Admittedly there was not overwhelming show of support for Rick Santorum in my community...I was encouraged there was some who showed their support for him.  We'll do this again next week. For  more information go here -------> Rick Santorum Sign Waves 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Rick Santorum fights for strong families, life and the economy

For years Christians have been politically divided.  One political party was seen as protecting life in the womb and the other political party was viewed as caring for the elderly, the poor and those in prison.  For many years I prayed for a political leader (not necessarily Christian) that would be able to unite those of us who shared Christians values.  I believe that God answered my prayer in  Senator Rick Santorum as a Presidential candidate.

Many have said and continue to say that we should not discuss Social Issues; Rick Santorum said that he will not surrender those issues.  He is a man of faith and a strong pro-life advocate.  As Senator, Santorum authored and championed The Partial Birth Abortion Ban

 He also sponsored Combating Autism Act and legislation for alternatives to Embryonic Stem Cell Research and co-sponsored Human Cloaning Prohibition Act. Rick Santorum continues to fight the good fight everyday. For further information on how Rick Santorum defends life go to SANTORUM'S RECORD OF DEFENDING THE DIGNITY OF EVERY HUMAN LIFE

 Rick Santorum was not only one of the writers of the 1996 Welfare Reform bill; he was the floor leader.  "In response,(Bob) Dole assigned Santorum to be the floor leader on the bill, a remarkable appointment for Santorum in Haskin’s eyes. “He gets elected to the Senate, he’s not on the finance committee, he’s a freshman, and Dole basically puts him in charge of floor operation on welfare. This is completely unheard of, and the reason he did it is Santorum is really, really smart,” Haskins concludes." SANTORUM'S FIGHT FOR WELFARE REFORM

Read SANTORUM'S MADE IN AMERICA PLAN :it includes bringing Manufacturing Jobs back to America, cutting & simplifying personal income tax and eliminating marriage tax penalties.
 Be sure to watch Rick Santorum's first 100 Days Economic Freedom Agenda speech tonight(Feb 24) at 8 EST will be live on C-span.

 Rick Santorum believes that a strong economy is based on strong families. I encourage you to support Rick Santorum for President.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


 I've been posting and tweeting my support for Rick Santorum since November.  I even signed up to call from home for the Iowa Caucus.  Due to some technical difficulties I only made a few calls.  I've emailed and emailed family and friends.  Last week I decided that I would participate in Sign Wave for Rick Santorum.  I made request for others in my community to join with me on Saturday Feb. 25th.  So far no one has responded.  Financially speaking it seemed to make sense to make my own sign. 

I am not sure I am bold enough to do this alone.  We'll see if my support for Rick Santorum is stronger than my fear.  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rick and Karen Santorum meet with Cafe Moms.  This is the full length video so grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy this discussion with the Santorums. 

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Love Songs

A few months ago I felt prompted to post this video on my friends page and say that I believed this was a song of her heart to God. Today I am singing right along with Rod & expressing my heart to God. Have I told Him lately that I love Him? I have told Him there is no one else above Him? Yes He does fill my heart with gladness takes away all my sadness. I love how the Lord will stir my heart with secular songs to express love for Him. I enjoy singing love songs to the Lord.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hebrews 1:4-6

HEBREWS 1:4-6 (Multiple versions:King James, NIV, American Standard & New Living translation)

Jesus - better than the angels
Inherited a more excellent name
For which of the angels said:
he at any time this is my son, this day I have begotten thee?
I will be to him a father & he shall be to me a son?
And when he bringeth the 1st begotten into the world and let all the angels of God worship him

Angels are certainly glorious beings and are messengers of the most high God but they are not to be worshiped. We are to worship God and God alone. In this passage we read that God the Father has called Jesus his only begotten son. God the father had declared that the angels of God are to worship Jesus.

Even today people will seek and worship angels. They worship the created rather than the creator. We are not called to worship angles. We were created to worship God. Jesus is to be the object of our worship. Be wary of any person, any thing and yes even angels who blind you into idolizing & worshiping them rather than God Almighty. Angels of God will tell you clearly do not bow to nor worship them. Any angel that seeks your worship is not of God. Any messenger that seeks your worship is not of God. Be careful what creeps into your life, ministry and church.
God said that his angels are to worship Jesus any angel or messenger who disobeys is a rebellious angel and not of God.

Col 2:18