Sunday, January 3, 2010

Love Songs

A few months ago I felt prompted to post this video on my friends page and say that I believed this was a song of her heart to God. Today I am singing right along with Rod & expressing my heart to God. Have I told Him lately that I love Him? I have told Him there is no one else above Him? Yes He does fill my heart with gladness takes away all my sadness. I love how the Lord will stir my heart with secular songs to express love for Him. I enjoy singing love songs to the Lord.


From the Heart said...

Absolutely beautiful. The words are perfect to sing to our Heavenly Father. Several years ago there was a secular song called "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" that was used by Christian singers as a Christian song. I will have to see if I can find it.

God is so good to us, and we should tell Him everyday how much we love Him.

Thanks for sharing,

debrah said...

Hi Alice: Happy New Year...I was on your blog earlier and wanted to leave a "Happy New Year" but my computer kept freezing or something...Hope that you and your family will be greatly blessed in 2010. I love visiting your blog you are so encouraging.

A WRITER said...

FANTASTIC!!! Thank you for posting this, I have it as a LINK on my site. Words, Music, Dance! All the wonderful ways in which the Lord made us to worship Him! AMEN