Friday, February 24, 2012

Rick Santorum fights for strong families, life and the economy

For years Christians have been politically divided.  One political party was seen as protecting life in the womb and the other political party was viewed as caring for the elderly, the poor and those in prison.  For many years I prayed for a political leader (not necessarily Christian) that would be able to unite those of us who shared Christians values.  I believe that God answered my prayer in  Senator Rick Santorum as a Presidential candidate.

Many have said and continue to say that we should not discuss Social Issues; Rick Santorum said that he will not surrender those issues.  He is a man of faith and a strong pro-life advocate.  As Senator, Santorum authored and championed The Partial Birth Abortion Ban

 He also sponsored Combating Autism Act and legislation for alternatives to Embryonic Stem Cell Research and co-sponsored Human Cloaning Prohibition Act. Rick Santorum continues to fight the good fight everyday. For further information on how Rick Santorum defends life go to SANTORUM'S RECORD OF DEFENDING THE DIGNITY OF EVERY HUMAN LIFE

 Rick Santorum was not only one of the writers of the 1996 Welfare Reform bill; he was the floor leader.  "In response,(Bob) Dole assigned Santorum to be the floor leader on the bill, a remarkable appointment for Santorum in Haskin’s eyes. “He gets elected to the Senate, he’s not on the finance committee, he’s a freshman, and Dole basically puts him in charge of floor operation on welfare. This is completely unheard of, and the reason he did it is Santorum is really, really smart,” Haskins concludes." SANTORUM'S FIGHT FOR WELFARE REFORM

Read SANTORUM'S MADE IN AMERICA PLAN :it includes bringing Manufacturing Jobs back to America, cutting & simplifying personal income tax and eliminating marriage tax penalties.
 Be sure to watch Rick Santorum's first 100 Days Economic Freedom Agenda speech tonight(Feb 24) at 8 EST will be live on C-span.

 Rick Santorum believes that a strong economy is based on strong families. I encourage you to support Rick Santorum for President.

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