Friday, January 23, 2009

I too will be taking a time out..

For awhile I have felt that I wanted to write/comment and did not know what to write/comment.
I know that the Lord has asked me several times in the last few years to come away and spend time with Him. I confess I have not really responded with my whole heart. I have not given the Lord my full attention. I even doubted that I heard correctly. I know that others are also experiencing this call and are taking time away from blogging. I just read Edie's blog about taking a time out and sense that I also need to finally heed the call. So I too will be taking a time out.


Edie said...

Enjoy your time with Him Debrah. We need these periods to refresh and focus our attention on Him again.

From the Heart said...

Enjoy your time with the Lord. I'm sure that when you come back you will fill refreshed and have a lot to share with us.

I'm having a hard time finding or getting started on my next post so I may do the same at least until the end of January.
God be with you and bless you,