Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Exodus Chap 9

I am still reading and re-reading Exodus chapter please share your insights/comments on this chapter.
Pharaohs heart remains hardened and God send Moses to tell Pharaoh to let His people go so that they can serve Him. Pharaoh is told that if he continues to refuse then God will send another plague-this time on the beast of the field. God will also distinguish between the cattle of Egypt and the cattle of Israel. The bible does not tell us what the children of Israel are doing and thinking at this time. Were they discouraged? Were they angry? Were they patient? Were they praying?
Not sure what they were feeling but by the time I read chapter 8 - admittedly I was pretty discouraged and impatient...but reading chapter 9 this all became very alive for me. Although God is still speaking to Pharaoh through Moses...for some reason this seemed very intense and very personal between God and Pharaoh. I was amazed that Pharaoh still did not get it and continues to try to withstand the will of God. I think by now that even some of his servants wondered at the pride of Pharaoh. How awful it must be to be ruled by such an arrogant leader.


From the Heart said...

I feel so honored. You put my button on your blog.

The sad part about Pharoah is that there are people today living the same way he did and keep saying "no" to God. If they don't read the Bible and no one witnesses to them they will not know what will happen in the end or maybe they do know but still refuse to believe. That is even sader. We truly need to not only pray for our nation but for the salvation of those who refuse to believe.

debrah said...

Amen & Amen Alice!
I have been praying that the Lord would break my heart for those who do not yet know Him. That I would have His heart and that He would use me to love them into His kingdom.