Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Photo

Playing with my camera today and took a picture of my cat Jireh. Jireh has been with me since 1994. When I went to the shelter to find a cat...Jireh was at the front desk and the lady that was taking care of her saw me and said this is the cat for you. I said that I would take a look around and then decide. Well every cat that I saw that day was hissing at me and everyone who dared to glance their way. So I quickly returned to the front desk and said to the lady, you're right this is my cat. At the time I took Jireh home I was suffering from a wounded and broken heart, beginning not just a new job but a new career and just moved into a new apartment. That year I also learned how to love gardening. It was a time of new beginnings. Each day was filled with heartache and joy. It was also a year that we had a big earthquake in Calif. and parts of Sherman Oaks looked like a war zone. Jireh was a most interesting companion. The man who broke my heart was still my best friend. We continued to communicate over the phone and mail. I sent him letters of Jireh's adventures and included photos. We then began to see one another as friends. Eighteen months later the man who broke my heart and I were married. Jireh is still with us making each day a new adventure.

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Edie said...

Oh Debrah what a wonderful story. God works in wonderous ways doesn't He.

Jireh is beautiful.

I had no idea you lived in Sherman Oaks. I moved from Santa Clarita in Aug 1993 to TX. I grew up in the Valley.

I remember that earthquake. On that day, my aunt called me right after it happend so I called my grandma to check on her. She said that I called almost before it quit shaking. Of course she didn't realize how bad it really was yet and I couldn't reach anyone in my family for several days after that.

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. It's been quite busy so I'm not blogging too much lately.