Friday, September 26, 2008

What does in His Image look like?

Edie @ Rich Gifts posed this question as her random question of the week- What does in His Image look like? I have passed by strangers on the street that when their eyes looked upon me - I could see Jesus... those eyes were filled with such love-that touched the very depth of me-that with everything I am I recognized Jesus. I have been around people who were so filled with the Love of Christ that wherever they were there was a deep sense of peace. At times I have had friends love me with such a love that I knew that it was the Lord loving me through them. In His Image is a reflection of His is a time when you are so filled with His Love that others-yes even strangers on the street-recognize Jesus...God is love...Jesus is love...


Edie said...

Hi Derah! This is so true. We do recognize Jesus by His characteristics revealed in us. Thank you for joining us this week, and the first one too! Have a great weekend!

Sharon said...

My friend, my truly awesomeeeeeee friend!!! What a blessing you are to come over to my site and bless me with those kind words, and I mean kind words, when I needed it the most you, YES YOU, blessed me and filled my heart with such joy. Now I say to you, If I could see your sweet beautiful face through this computer, I would say I can see the Image in you. Butttt I cannot, but I can for sure feel his image in your Heart, your thoughtfulness, Your Love!!!
Thank You, Thank YOU!
God Bless you my friend my sister

JnL4God said...

That is so true. God is Love and if we are portraying His Love we are portraying Him. I agree with Sharon, your love is portraying Him.